Friday, October 2, 2009

Pictures of the Day!

I know this is long overdue, and for that I'm so sorry! But here it is anyway!

September 25
Last Friday Emily and I went to MK to let some of her friends in and we decided to get cappuccino floats (best drink ever) and check a couple of rides off our lists while we were there. Our goal is to go on every single ride and go to all the shows at every park at least once while we're here. I met my fairy godmother.

September 26
Saturday off day! I woke up so late and just sat around watching football and skyping Kirsten and blogging. Then we went shopping, where I got some sweet shoes. Seriously, aren't they beautiful?! On the way home we got some frostys (yum). Then I made the cookies I had been meaning to make since the first week I got here. Ooops...

September 27
Every Sunday is House of Blues night. We don't go every Sunday though. CPs go to HOB Sundays because it's "Service Night" which means we don't have to pay a cover, which is usually something like $8. We get there this week and the bouncer outside tells us that service night is starting later because there's a heavy metal band playing a show inside and we have to wait for them to leave. We decide that's lame so we go to Bongo's which is next door. And then we ordered drinks that came in these sweet bongos!

September 28
I forgot to take a picture on Monday...oops! But we were at HOB till 2 a.m., so this will count as my picture of the day! This is Emily, Mauro, me, Sarah and Melissa on the dance floor. I like the first pic better! Hahaha

September 29
Emily and I have been craving Mexican food. Real Mexican food too, like Tarahamara's not El Chico. On Tuesday we found this place that's called Mexican Restaurant. My plate is the bottom right. It's quesadillas. But they were fried? Hahaha still good though.

September 30
Wednesday night Emily, Dan, Travis and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which is what we do most Wednesday nights since it's karaoke night. The four of us had so much fun! We deemed it our Pregame for the OU game on Saturday. And afterwards we went to Perkin's which is across the street and had some more adventures!

Here's Emily and I not being lame!

October 1
On Thursday I had to work. Aaannd I forgot to take a picture...sooo moving on!

October 2
Friday I had to take the 6:37 bus. Which I feel is much too early, of course. This is where I was sitting at around 7 a.m. waiting for the next bus I had to take.

October 3
Gameday! Even though we lost, I still had a great time on my mini-vacay with Travis, Emily and Dan. But this day deserves an entire blog post, so I'll just leave you with one picture of us at the gas station.

October 4
Sunday was cleaning for inspection. Lame. Which we passed and were given mediocre cookies. But I'll take mediocre cookies over a $25 fine EACH for not passing any day.

October 5
On Monday I had a day off again and I spent it at Hollywood Studios with Travis and Dan. Well with Dan till he had to work. It was a really fun day that included many adventures like Travis's car not starting and a movie night! It probably deserves its own post, but I might never get to it....

So remember this? Well at Hollywood Studios there's a thing that you answer questions to and stuff and it tells you which Disney character you are. I was actually really surprised to see this pop up!

October 6
You may remember me mentioning Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. Well, on Tuesday me and 4 of my new friends decided to hit it up! And I got the last strawberry shortcake in all of the world. Ok, so the last one in all the World Showcase in Epcot.

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow" - Mark Twain


  1. 1. im glad my cinderella met her fairy godmother!
    2. i LOVE those bongos!!! i feel like they make things even way more fun!
    3. mmmmm i really want to eat tarahumaras now! i must eat it! maybe with laura this weekend?
    4. im really surprised you even made that bus before seven am.
    5. its lame that you have to have your bed made. i mean, i make mine everyday, but its not required.
    6. i told you. for some reason you are cinderella and i seriously cant think of a singular reason why.
    7. fun fun at wine and food festival! glad you were able to go with your friends who arent your friends yet but really are now.
    8. love you bunches! muah!

  2. yay pictures of the day!! i love hearing about your adventures in the magical world of disney. also, i hate you for that mexican food. i am seriously having withdrawals.

  3. stop being lazy. i demand you double your blogging output. now