Saturday, September 26, 2009

Captain Jack Sparrow

I thought I would write this blog today to celebrate my day off! That's right, OFF! I was supposed to work 12 days in a row. I had been trying to give away today's shift for like 2 weeks, and no one would take it! Which, I mean, why would they? We're all working 6 days a week. But yesterday a boy who's seasonal came up to me and said he would take my shift! You have NO idea how happy I was! It made my entire night.

Now, on to the meaning of my blog title today. On Thursday night my roommate Katie came home from work and threw the door open and says to me and Melissa, who were sitting on the couch, "I am soo glad that someone's awake!" I paused the TV and said, "spill." She says, "Johnny Depp hugged me today." We were like, what?! Johnny Depp?!?!?!? We're asking her how this happened. But first I go wake up the other roommates.

So Katie works at the Emporium, a gigantic store on Main Street, U.S.A in Magic Kingdom, and Thursday afternoon she had the job of greeter. She's standing kinda in the doorway with her Mickey glove on waving to guests as they pass her. She sees a man walking with a lady in an ECV. Katie does her job and says hello! And she hears the lady say to the man, "Why don't you just go ask her?" Katie walks to them and says, "Can I help you find something?" And the man, who Katie thinks looks a little like Johnny, says, "Love, I'm looking for this one shirt that looks like something and says Disney World." Now Katie knows that the Emporium doesn't carry that particular shirt but a store in Animal Kingdom does. She tells the Johnny lookalike that he should just go inside the store and Andrea can call Animal Kingdom to see if they have it. He leaves to go in the store and the ECV lady stays to talk to Katie. They chat about Katie's internship, about her plans to try and get a professional internship, where they're staying, all sorts of stuff. Johnny lookalike comes back out to Katie and gives her a hug and says that they found the shirt at Animal Kingdom. Katie, the lady who seems to be his mom and Johnny lookalike chat some more and they go on their way.

Later that day, someone from VIP guest relations comes in the store looking for Katie and Andrea. Katie starts freaking out that she did something wrong. The VIP lady comes up to her and says, "Johnny Depp wanted me to come and personally thank you for the excellent guest service you gave him today. He said it's the best guest service he has ever received at the Emporium and to tell your managers that you definitely should get that professional internship." Only then did Katie know that she had been speaking to JOHNNY DEPP for 45 minutes and that he HUGGED her. Of course her knees buckled and she started giggling all night. I am soo jealous!

During September and October on certain days Magic Kingdom has a halloween party called Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The party has special fireworks and a special halloween parade. The parade has a Pirates of the Caribbean float and Jack Sparrow is on the top of it. Since Johnny was in the park there was mass speculation that it was because he was going to be Jack Sparrow in the halloween party the next night. And lo and behold, he was! Just for one of the parades though. And I didn't get to see him :(

I've decided to do Pictures of the Day and continue Kirsten's tradition. I feel like I have pictures to share about this place I am at that would help you all understand my life now! So I'll start with pictures later today and start posting them! This is a gift to all of you, especially Kirsten!

I love you all and miss you so much!

"May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand." - Irish blessing

"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate." - Captain Jack Sparrow

SportsCenter the night the Yankees clinched a playoff spot

Neil: Oh, Mariano Rivera, what team does he play for, Stan?

Stan: Well I believe that would be team Shut It Down!

I'm going with these lovely people to the Miami game next week! Expect a giant post about it!!!


  1. yay! and I love that Irish blessing :) because I'm in Ireland. And I saw it last night at a pub on the wall. And we sing it at camp.

    Can't wait for pic of the days! LYMI

    OH and I am SO BEYOND JEALOUS that she hugged Johnny Depp. I love him!

  2. That was an amazing story!!!!
    Come back nest semester and I want you to text me as much as you text the Kirsten cunt.

  3. is it sad that while reading this post, I can picture exactly what the emporium looks like and main street too?

    maybe next week brad pitt and his herd will be staying at the contemperary?