Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day off and Sonic adventures

Last week Travis and I travelled to Sonic. Yes, the Sonic, America's Drive-In. And yes, I do mean travelled. This all started because I promised Travis I would buy him a drink for helping me set up furniture/set up things/driving me places. Since we're both not particularly familiar with this area we decided to rely on Travis's GPS to find us a Sonic. We arrive at what's supposed to be the first one on the list. There is not a Sonic in sight. We drive all around searching for it. We give up on Sonic 1 and start the search for Sonic 2. Sonic 2 is located past a toll road that costs $1.75 each way (ridiculous, I know). Travis pays the toll and we drive to Sonic 2. Surprise! It's not there either! Did I mention that Travis's air-conditioning is broken? And that we're in Central Florida in Summer? By now we're hot, thirsty and irritated. We turn to the not-so-trusty GPS to get a phone number for Sonic 3, because we're not going through this again. I call Sonic 3 and someone answers the phone! I ask, "What happened to the Sonic on Osceola Parkway?" He says, "Oh that burned down." It burned down?! Apparently Garmin needs to update their maps. By now it's been over an hour since we set out on what was supposed to be a 20 minute trip. We're determined to have Sonic. We will not surrender to the GPS. We vented about how if we were in Oklahoma we would have ran into 3 Sonics by now. The nice Sonic 3 phone man told me how to get to Sonic 3. "It's just right in front of Wal-Mart on 194. And score! Travis recognizes the area! We turn around, pay another $1.75 and pray that we find it. We're driving for a while, still with no air-conditioning, and after turning around more than a few times (we didn't trust the GPS any more, you see) we see a Home Depot. We see a Wal-Mart. WE SEE A SONIC! Victory! (We literally cheered). I ordered a lime vanilla coke and the Sonic 3 lady said, "Eww gross!"

We arrived back at my apartment 3 hours after we set out on this 20 minute trip. Let me repeat that for you. THREE HOURS LATER. It was quite a memorable adventure though. And at least I had good company!

Today was my first day off since last Thursday which, for those keeping score, means that I've been working 6 day weeks. Of course, that sucks. No one I know here was off today so I had no idea what I was going to do with myself all day. I decided that I'd go to Downtown Disney and do some shopping since I was in need of a coffee mug and a water glass. You know how some days you crave that alone time? This was not one of those days. I did enjoy shopping, but I really wished that I was with someone else. Someone that I could turn to and say, "Oh, isn't that cute?" or, "Why would anyone ever buy this?" Instead I had to have those conversations with myself...

While I was so sad today that I was alone, today's cloud did have quite a wonderful silver lining! I got to talk to so many people who I love! I skyped with my mom, Brad, Kirsten and Tracy, I talked to Terry, Peter, my Grandma and Alex and I chatted with Megan and Laura! I think I really needed those many interactions to get through the rest of my lonely day.

Pictures like this make me happy. And laugh. Even on a sad day.

You all know why I'd write this quote today...hahahahahahaha

"We creep because we care." - Someone in the OUPS. Laura?


  1. Love you so much CALLIE!!! And even though I could not hear you on skype it was nice to gaze upon your face!

  2. i loved that story! they are always funny looking back...but usually not while they are happening haha! glad i got to chat with you today. skypey soon! lymi

  3. i want to get in on this skype action! and that quote is perfect! haha

  4. hahahahaha that picture is great! i seriously cant believe that it took you 3 hours to get sonic! that is just ridic!