Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I see your pins?

That is the question I hear more than any other question in the world. And sometimes it annoys me soooo much. Like yesterday, a girl made basically a mad dash for me to ask this question. And not a small little girl. A girl who might have been in her 20s. Then she said "I want that Jasmine one." She didn't even ask! Then she called her boyfriend over so he could give me one of her unwanted pins. I wasn't even in the store when this happened. I was pushing a giant cart of mugs back to the supply area. It took all my energy not to be mean to her.

Pin trading is a huge thing at Disney World. I can't say that I particularly understand it though. I don't understand why people spend so much money on these pins. And why they're so fanatical about it. It's not like it's something that just the little kids do either. It's a huge thing. There are a ton of older people who are really into it too. I also don't understand what these people do with their pins when they go home. Do they put them on display? Do they look at them everyday? Do they trade with their friends?

Now some of these pin traders are lovely people. Especially the tiny little kids who get so excited when they find the pin they've been looking for and they ask me which pin I want to trade them. We have to trade and they can give us whatever they want in exchange for our pin they chose. So it's especially sweet when the little kids ask us to pick what we want or offer two of theirs for the one of ours that they wanted so badly.

It's also weird that when most of these people talk to you they don't look at your face. They stare at your chest. Where the pins are on the lanyard. People interrupt you when you're with other guests or ringing someone out to say, of course, "Can I see your pins?" The other day I was ringing a lady out and a completely unrelated man was leaning over the register to look at my pins while I was with the other lady. When people do that I just ignore them until they ask to see my pins. His face was literally inches from mine as he peered over the register.

People go on pin trading cruises, they buy pins on eBay, they pay ridiculous amounts of money for pins, they have over 1,ooo pins, the list goes on. Basically, they're crazy.

I watched the video 2.5 times yesterday. 1.5 times by myself and once with Travis. It made me miss days like this.

“You do your thing, and I do my thing. You are you, and I am I. And if, in the end, we end up together - it's beautiful." -Boy Meets World


  1. I have never heard about these ridic pins!!! Why are people so weird about these silly objects? Like beanie stupid babies. And thanks for your first comment on my post!

  2. I agree that the pin trading is redic. I have only traded pins once in my life. I do have a ticket holder necklace that I fill with pins when I go to disneyland or disneyworld, but it is full of pins that I bought with my own money and that I love very much so even if I see a pin I like I can never find one of my own that I dislike to trade.

  3. I've heard of these pin people... but I did not know it was so extreme! haha

    perfect end quote :)

  4. i have never heard of these pin people either! i can't really talk though...i was definitely a beanie baby child!! i had like 300...no lie. still do actually, they're still in the attic, racking up value...or dust. anyway, sorry you have to deal with crazy people.

    that pic makes me happy and sad. i miss you so much. can't wait til im in ireland for good so i can talk to you!

  5. that quote....we will end up together! and i miss those times as well

    and i had no idea this pin thing existed! when i first read it i asked tracy "does she mean like writing pens?" dont worry, she helped me out! it just seems crazy to me! could you post a picture of these things so that i could visualize this story more accurately? or even a video of someones face inches from yours starring at your bodacious chest while screaming about your pins? haha that would be even way more awesome

    love you!