Thursday, December 3, 2009


A couple of days ago I was telling Travis about how much I miss the OUPS and how I'm so incredibly sad that things can never be like they once were ever again. He said that was part of growing up. But I don't want to grow up. Ever. Hello, that's why I work at Disney World. I think Peter Pan had the right idea. Wendy's so stupid! She should've stayed with him! Where is our Neverland? And how do we get there?!

"I just want to make travel sized versions of all of you and take you with me wherever I go." - Megan Douglas

Amen, girl. AMEN.


  1. what a great quote! words of wisdom, megan! and i agree with you right now callie. i dont want to grow up. all i want is for things to be exactly how they used to be!

  2. Hooray for not growing up!
    You can visit Peter Pan again to get there...
    there's a novel based on Barrie's own idea for more adventure!


  3. hahaha I love this blog! So much!! :) I like moving on to new and exciting things in life... I just want to bring all the old things (or people) with me!!

  4. i am so excited that my quote made the blog! i am so wise! :) i love you and i realized after i said that that i DO have travel sized versions of all of you in my heart and i DO take you with me wherever i go. I LOVE YOU!!!!