Monday, July 13, 2009

Who will dance, on the floor, in the round

I have so much to talk about!  But I've had so much to say and then I get so stressed out about what I have to write so then I don't blog and then I stress about all the nonblogging that's piled up so I still don't blog.  Guess I shouldn't go so long between blog posts so that this won't happen again...

We got back from Jersey yesterday.  Some highlights of the trip:
  • Chinatown (see previous post)
  • Fourth of July with Laura!  I am so glad that Laura could come hang out with my silly family for the holiday.  It was so much fun!  Our matching tie-dye was such a hit with my extended family who didn't make them.  They were all so jealous.  Except my Grandma.  hahaha  It was kinda weird how normal it felt that Laura was just in my Grandma's house and my aunt's house and riding with us to my mom's cousin's house. Since my extended family lives so far away I always assumed the only time any of my friends would meet them would be at my wedding or something like that.  So this was a lovely unexpected chance for a friend to meet my family!  Also, Paige loved Laura (which I was not at all surprised about, I mean, Laura is pretty lovable) and the day Laura left this is the conversation I had with Paige. Paige: Where's Laura? Me: She had to go back. Paige: (really sad face) Her come back tomorrow?
  • Yankees game at the new beautiful Yankee Stadium  The stadium was magnificent and beautiful and really really REALLY fancy.  And also, perfect.  And 2 different people were proposed to!!! Pic of me and brothers
So majestic and glorious.

The entryway was so amazing.  On this side of the banners there are black and white pictures of Yankee legends like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.  On the back side are color pictures of modern legends like Paul O'Neill and Reggie Jackson.

The stadium has a Hard Rock Cafe in it and a fancy steak house.  This is Terry sad cause he couldn't go get anything from it.
  • Magnolia Bakery Ok, so I don't know if any of you know this, but The Magnolia Bakery is a famous bakery in the village in New York City.  It's the bakery Andy Samberg sings about in the SNL digital short "Lazy Sunday" (The Chronicles of Narnia rap). We went to check out NYU one day (cause Terry's going there) and walked to the bakery since it wasn't too far from campus (which is really boring and ugly by the way).  But some guy at NYU gave us some really crappy directions so we had to walk like an extra mile to get there.  At least the cupcakes were delicious. 
This is the logo on all the boxes you put your cupcakes in.  Isn't it cute?!  The bakery was really really tiny and actually looks like that tiny drawing.

Mmmm devil's food and chocolate with vanilla icing.  And a presh flower!

I have no idea what's wrong with me, but I have become completely obsessed with Michael Jackson.  I can't put a finger on why I've fostered this fascination.  I've always liked his music and thought he was real cute in the early 80s, but I never gave much thought to him before.  I always scrolled right past any post about him on Perez.  But I've bought "The Essential Michael Jackson" CD and the 25th anniversary edition of "Thriller" and seriously, I have been listening to them nonstop.  And while many people have complained about the mass media coverage of his death, I am soaking it up like crazy!  I don't even know how many MJ specials I've recorded on my TiVo.  Aaaand I've just recorded another one... 

"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change." - Michael Jackson, "Man in the Mirror"


  1. those cupcakes look so delish! i just want to gobble them up! i also think the amount of frosting looks delightful.

    cute picture of you and the brothers!

    i love man in the mirror!!!!!! and im so glad your quote was chosen from that song!

  2. when i read what paige said about laura i could just see you acting out that little conversation like you do with jon and kate!!

    you would never think peter was the youngest sibling in that picture. he is a giant. you are wearing so much tie dye and i am just loving it!

    i love MJ too....we are even doing an MJ song for vespers (the sponsors choose songs and right lines for our tribes to sing and say to the other campers) we're doing Keep the Faith though. also very uplifting.

    i love you and miss you and glad you are home safe!

  3. OH PS

    It was really weird when I saw your blog title because I just looked at Perez and watched a video of Coldplay doing a cover of Bille Jean!! And then I looked at your blog and your title was those lyrics. crazy.

  4. Holy Cow!! Paige has gotten so big. Why do kids grow so quickly??? (I hate it. Really. <3 babies.)