Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Want CD/DVD?

I went on some adventures with my Aunt Anna and cousin Stephanie in Chinatown today!  It was so much fun.  First we had to take a bus from Jersey to New York, then we took a subway to Chinatown.  That was pretty boring, but necessary. Once in Chinatown we decided to eat first.  We ate at this delicious place called Joe's.  My aunt said that most of the time you sit with other people since it's so busy.  I was really excited about that!  But we were seated at a small table so I didn't get to make any new friends.  The hostess was on her Nintendo DS the whole time she was seating people.  It was hilarious.  I stared at her the entire time.  So Joe's is known for their soup steamed dumplings, which is steamed dumplings with soup in them! They were ah. maze. ing.   

You have to use those tongs to pick them up carefully from the top to put on your plate so you don't puncture them because otherwise the soup will fall out!  And there's an art to eating it, cause if you do it the wrong way the soup will spill all over the place! You can't just shove it in your mouth all at once either like sushi cause you'll burn yourself.  The way I ate it was by biting off the very top then slurp up some soup then eat it in normal sized bites.

My aunt took a picture of me eating it just so I could post it on my blog!  It was probably one of the hardest things to eat ever.  Worth it though.

Next door to Joe's was a place that sold a drink called Bubble Tea, which apparently you can get all over the place but I didn't know that.  They sell it at like every other shop in Chinatown though and they looked so weird that I just had to get one.  It cost 2.25 with my student discount.  It had like a plastic cover on the top of the cup and I was so confused about how to drink it.  Like do I peel off the plastic and stick my straw in?  Nope.  You puncture the plastic with the pointy end of the straw like a Capri-Sun.  The people in the tea place were laughing at me so much when I was taking pictures, but it was so weird that I just had to take pictures to share them!  Those things that look like malt balls on the bottom are really little tapioca balls.  I was expecting them to be crunchy but they were gooey.  Kinda like gummy worms.  I liked them at first but after awhile they got on my nerves.

The whole time I was in Chinatown I just kept thinking how much Brad would LOOOOVE it.  It's like the Asian market but a kazillion times more giant and awesome with the best Chinese food ever.  One of the bakeries had X-rated fortune cookies.  I wonder what they say...hahaha

I got some really cute stuff from the little shops.  A purple wallet, a slouchy bag, and two shirts.  I was going to upload a picture of them all but my camera died, so that'll have to wait I guess.  One place had tons of earrings like the ones Tracy makes!  But hers are better.

So many of the shops had tons of Michael Jackson t-shirts.  I wanted an MJ shirt so badly but I refused to buy one that said 1958-2009 or Rest in Peace and they all said that!  I'll find an awesome one and get one eventually.  And there was Obama stuff everywhere!  He was on all kinds of things like reusable bags and candy.  But the best were these sweet shades.  I refrained from buying them even though they only cost 5 bucks!

I had a really good time with my cousin and aunt today.  I hope we'll go again sometime soon! 

Oh, and here's Paige after she won Pretty Pretty Princess yesterday.  She was a surprisingly good sport about having to put pieces back and give other people the crown.  I was proud of her.  Especially since I was expecting her to be a brat.

"I'm astounded by people who want to 'know' the universe when it's hard enough to find your way around Chinatown." - Woody Allen


  1. 1. i love the picture of you trying to eat those dumpling things!
    2. i wish i could eat them and that i could have seen you eat them.
    3. i cant believe you have never seen boba!!! haha
    4. i want you to go back and buy those fortune cookies for me! i love fortune cookies and those just seem like oodles of fun!
    5. i think you missed out by not purchasing those shades
    6. i LOVE pretty pretty princess!
    7. perfect quote!
    8. love you! come live with me!
    9. harry potter!

  2. i want some of those dumplingsssssss!

    i like your new background!!

    i want some of those fortune cookies!

  3. I like the changes to your bloggy blog. SOunds like you is having so much fun in vacation!

  4. i know! these changes are sooo cute! SEE YOU SOON! :)

  5. I love that you were so excited at the prospect of sitting with strangers but I would have totally been dreading it!
    I have heard of bubble tea and always wondered what it was! It looks weird. I thought it was like carbonated or something. who knows.
    HARRY POTTER!!!! I'm on the 4th audiobook right now. I dont like his draco voice.