Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't you know I sit around, with my head hangin' down

I have what some may consider a personality flaw.  Even though I don't think it is.  Often if I discover something new or rediscover something I become obsessed with knowing everything I possibly can about that thing.  I used to try and hide my obsessions, but I am so over caring what people think.  Last post I shared with you my new found obsession for Michael Jackson.  I found this video (FYI, YouTube is does not help my obsession) a couple days ago and I think it's so cute. It's when he accepts his 7th Grammy at the 1984 Grammys.  I like the whole video, but the part that I like the best starts at 3:30.  It's not long.  Watch it.  At least that part.

I love how he asks his sisters if he should take them off before he does.  It's so cute how he gets embarrassed.  It's also so obvious to me through all these videos how truly shy he was.  Which is completely fascinating since he was such a phenomenal entertainer and most entertainers, even really crappy ones, are so outspoken and not shy.

I found another video from the early 80s where Michael's in the car with his family and he proclaims to them, "Salvation Army tomorrow.  Really.  Don't laugh.  You find good stuff!  Don't you Tito?  That other places would sell real expensive.  I'm telling ya!"  He just seemed to be so like-able and funny.  

Through my YouTube watching and my researching I've discovered how much I really admire Michael Jackson and I see what a kind soul he really had.  And the more I've learned the more my heart breaks about how much he was ridiculed just for being different and not exactly what everyone expected a pop star to be like.  How painful it must have been for him to be taken down for his appearance when it was already something that hurt him so badly.  I'm also convinced that he was innocent, even though I never really thought he was guilty anyway.  I'm not saying that he didn't make questionable decisions, but really, everybody does.  I really have a lot more to say about all this but I could go on all day, so I'll just say that I'm so sad that I didn't enjoy him more while he was alive and that I'm thankful for his art.  Rest in peace, Michael.

"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with." - Michael Jackson


  1. callie I love michael too, though not quite as much as you, but I totally understand the obsession part!

    as for my blog post title, at my HP premier, right before the movie started, some girl came up to the front of the theater sort of dressed as tonks and shouted that out and it made me laugh a lot. I do not have a crush on lupin. sick. love you!

  2. I texted you about this post... but I wanted to add that i loooooove you! :) I want you to visit your fam again! haha