Tuesday, March 2, 2010


For a long time I had already pretty much made up my mind about whether or not I want to live in Florida longer, but I've been really scared for a long time to say it definitely out loud.

Well, now that my (and Dan's) self imposed March 1st deadline has passed I guess I must now say it out loud.

I am going to stay in Florida for at least another year!

Wow, how anticlimactic was that?!

I'm very excited and also very scared. Right now I'd say 70% terrified 30% excited. We shall see. I did find out that I can extend my program again until August, so that helped me make the decision a lot, since for 2 extra months I'll be guaranteed full time hours. Then after that I'll just be poor while I wait for my status to change to full time. Plus, I plan on using this year to try and get in to the communication department here. Or find out how to do that. I've got to grow up sometime, right?

Dan is staying and Emily's coming back to live with us, so if nothing else at least I'll have two awesome roommates. The dates of our move in and where we are going to live are still to be determined, but hopefully it'll be all ironed out by the time Emily comes to visit in April!

I'm going to miss Oklahoma very much, but I'll be back for at least a week, hopefully more, to go to Peter's graduation and pack up my furniture to bring it down here.

So now that I've posted this, I guess it's official! This girl is on her way to being a grown up?
Psh, never.

The only thing that matters is just following your heart
And eventually you'll finally get it right.- The Ataris, "In This Diary"


  1. I will miss you very much Callie, but I am glad you are happy!

  2. oooooo where you gonna work?

  3. I'm excited because now I'll probably be able to visit you in Florida! :) Glad you're pursuing your dreams, Callie!!