Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elton John and Billy Joel...

...were amazing! Just so amazing! I'm taking this opportunity to finally blog about it because my lovely friend from work Natalie is straightening my hair. Which she loves to do. I'm not complaining about it either.

Anyway, the concert was just perfect. And being home for the first time in 6 months was fantastic. Norman was wonderful, even though I was there for such a short amount of time. Seeing my family at home was great too. I just wish that Terry could've been there too, but I saw him the week before (when I saw Laura!!!!!). I never whined more then when I had to go to the airport. I wanted to lay on the couch and watch movies with my mom forever.

Hopefully I'll make a blog about those adventures soon. I'm so behind! I suck!

Well here's a vid from my fave part of the concert.
In case you couldn't tell, Elton and Billy were playing the great song "Oklahoma" while the crowd sang along and then went straight in to "Piano Man." It was epic.

Also, my new goal is that I must learn all the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire" because it's so awesome and crazy.

"We didn't start the fire,
It was always burning since the world's been turning,
We didn't start the fire,
No we didn't light it but we tried to fight it"

"We Didn't Start the Fire" - Billy Joel


  1. that is pretty awesome! We wish you could have stayed longer in Norman!