Monday, January 11, 2010

Lords and Ladies of the Castle...

Cinderella has a royal invitation for the Royal Party Squad family!

That's what I would say if the OUPS came to dine at Cinderella's Royal Table. But first I would ring the royal bells. Plus now I wear a lady in waitingish costume. Photos will come soon enough, I'm sure.

I'm in a weird place right now. So much is the same, but even more is different. I'm still in Florida, but almost everyone I knew before has gone back home. I miss my old apartment and I really really miss my roommates and coworkers. I had to move apartments, but now I have 2 less roommates. I'm still in crappy Vista Way, but I'll just get over it.

I have a lot to think about in terms of the future. The scariest part is that I honestly have no idea what I want or what I want to do. I'll be in Florida for sure until May, but after that? Who knows. I've come to the conclusion that I should just win the lottery. That's my new life plan. And Brad's actually. Brad and I talk about winning the lottery at least once a week. We'd buy a big fancy house, go to cooking school, go on cruises all the time, go to all the various Disney parks, visit everyone we want to whenever we want to...oh that's the dream.

I'll leave you lovelies with some of my favorite friend quotes. Which means you said something funny and I wrote it down. Cause I'm creepy like that. If you're sad I don't have a quote by you, then maybe you should tell me funnier things...

"I know I say this a lot, but we should be billionaires." - Brad

"When you come back can me, you, and Brad have our own glee club and have performances for your mom and Peter?" - Kirsten, of course.

"When we live together
we'll have two couches
and sleep on them until the afternoon."

"We'll make her get some fancy pharm job and make enough money to support our lavish way of life." - Brad about Kirsten when the 3 of us live together

"Callie! Move back into my time zone so I don't have to add! Pleeeeeeeaaaaassseee!" - Brad, of course.

"If we're not married by the time we're 45 I'll marry you. I'm sure it'll be legal by then." - Emily, when we chatted about marriage backups.

I miss her a lot :'(


  1. that is one of the cutest pictures i have ever seen!!! and, send me one of those beautiful cinderella things! and. i am VERY serious about our glee club!!!!!!!

    loved it.

  2. so basically you just write down quotes by brad?

  3. your new job sounds pretty magical :) skype soon!

  4. I know!! I know I have said at least one funny thing.
    Ummm just live close to my house if you guys live together or I will probably never see you.
    Kirsten asked me if I wanted to join and I already said yes. Don't waste my mad dance skills!