Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 2 and 3? I've already lost track.

Oct. 26
Look at my sweet little Thor baby sleeping!  He loves to snuggle.

Oct. 29
Another one of our favorite places is Sea Dog Brew Pub.  Sea Dog is owned by Shipyard.  I don't' know why they have this giant Pumpkin Head beer there, but I like it.

Oct. 30
Plane ride to Oklahoma!  This is my travel buddy, Rex.

Oct. 31
Today I went to the dentist (no cavities!) and really just hung out with my mom all day until we went to Wine and Palette.  I wore my Snow White costume t-shirt today for Halloween!

Painting at Wine and Palette.

My finished Headless Horseman painting!

Nov. 1
I don't know if this is actually the date we went to Braum's, but man have I missed those ice cream sundaes!  I actually took this picture to send to Grant to make him jealous.

Nov. 3rd
I went to a restaurant called Upper Crust in Edmond to meet up with some high school friends.  It was so much fun!  I'd seen Alex and Justin in June, but I hadn't seen Caroline since 2010!  And she brought her sweet 7-month-old baby, Eden.  Oh, and her husband, Ryan. I took a picture of Eden when she was awake, but I don't know what happened to it!  You'll just have to take my word for it that's she's adorable.  It was SO good to see them and made me super excited to be moving closer to them.

Nov. 5th
Bruce and Lana loved to snuggle me on the couch when I was home.  My mom just got Bruce this summer.  He's the doberman.  He's so sweet but super annoying when he wants to be pet, which is like 80% of the time.

Nov. 7
Now I'm in Texas for Grant's brother Erik's wedding.  This is Grant holding Katie, his parents' pug rescue.  She's ridiculous.  They rescued her from a puppy mill where she had like a million puppies and she only has 8 teeth.  She doesn't know her name and she's really dumb, but I love her.  This is the only way she likes to be held.  She flips herself over like this as soon as you go to pick her up.  This is from the Rehearsal Dinner that was at Grant's parents' house.

Nov. 8
Erik and Rebekah's Wedding
Grant and his parents had to be at the venue at like 430, but the wedding wasn't until 7 so I hung out at his parents' house with his grandparents until 6.  The wedding wasn't much fun for us for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the Matron of Honor didn't have her crap together so Grant ended up having to take care of a lot of stuff that he didn't need to worry about.  His main priority (since he was the Best Man) was to make sure his brother had the best day possible, so at least that happened.  And Grant's best friend from high school who I've met before was at the wedding so at least I had someone I knew who wasn't related to the Groom to hang out with during the ceremony and reception.

Rebekah and her 2 new brothers.  That's Grant's brother Forrest on the left.

This decorated truck is most of the reason we didn't have much fun.  The DJ/MC guy told Grant at like 10pm that the bride and groom were planning to leave the reception at 11:30 so we should go decorate the truck.  He also told Grant that they were planning to do the garter and bouquet tosses after they left the hall (which I thought was really odd).  So all the groomsmen, Grant and I went out to decorate Erik's truck.  When we came back Grant's dad told us that they'd done the bouquet and garter toss while we were gone.  Isn't that ridiculous?  None of the groomsmen were even there and it was the DJ's fault!  Grant and I literally had time to dance for 1 song.  By the time I got these pictures with him it was 11:15.  Oh well!

Nov. 9
Yay!  We're finally home!  The first thing I unpacked was this sweet jersey I bought for Thor!  Thor actually likes to wear clothes, but Kingsley treats any time that he has to wear clothes as if it's the most absolute worst time of his life and that he's been given cruel and unusual punishment, so that's why Thor got the jersey and Kingsley didn't!

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