Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slow start...

Yesterday I began my purge.  I know nearly every single one of you hates that word, but I think it's the most fitting.  I began with my bathroom.  I think I threw away probably 25 bottles of nail polish - including some that I actually remember using in elementary school and so much lipgloss that it's embarrassing.  I discovered that I have bottles and bottles of lotion, perfumes that I can't stand the smell of and bobby pins in literally every drawer or cabinet in said bathroom.  So far it's going pretty well I guess.  I've gotten off to a fantastically slow start.  I've emptied three boxes out of like a kazillion.  But, on the bright side, I did empty all the bathroom stuff.  My mom keeps saying that she wants to have a garage sale in July, but I don't think that's going to happen because I think she's said that every single summer that we've lived in Oklahoma.  And our grand total of garage sales is a whopping zero.

I had the most amazing time in Norman the last few days!  I love staying at Kirsten and Brigitte's!  And even if I caught Kirsten's sickness it might've even been worth it.  

I've also hit a wall on my lapboard making.  There are just too many good quotes.  And I'm just incredibly too indecisive to choose them or to figure out how exactly I want to arrange it.  

I love reading all of your blogs and I'm sad when there aren't any to read.  But, I will try not to be a hypocrite because this is only my 4th post.  I really want to write in here more.  And so, I will.  I'm also so excited for Megan's birthday!  Good job Meg for being born in June!

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious." -Brendan Gill


  1. i feel like i have so much to say about this post so im going to make a list!
    1. i feel like i can relate to finding so much lip gloss that its embarrassing. i remember i used to love lip gloss in middle school that people made fun of me and my friends for using lip gloss! haha i also opened one of my drawers the last time i was home and found a lot of almost finished lip glosses and wondered why i had kept them, and then i wondered why i kept buying more if i already had so much.....
    2. im so glad you had so much fun! i had sooo much fun with you and cant wait for you to live with me again!!!!
    3. i feel like you will be able to narrow the quotes down, but it will be hard since there are so many great ones to choose from! i feel like you should pick the ones that mean the most to you. and speaking of quotes...i LOVE the one that you used at the end of this post! i feel that it is perfect and very true!

  2. i cant believe i forgot my number 4! well here it is, post those pics of facebook! haha

  3. i have very blonde hair in that pic so it must be old!