Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back Again

I haven't blogged in so long that this interface is confusing to me.  I don't know if I should rehash what's happened in my life this last year so that I can pick back up where I left off, but that's boring.  Here's the quick version.

I moved in with my sweet lovely awesome boyfriend Grant.  It's been amazing.  Yes that's a picture of him in Gaston's chair in the New Fantasyland.  (PS - come visit me and I'll take you there...for free!)

We have a silly puppy named Kingsley who's a little over a year old and training to be a therapy dog.  It's harder than I thought it would be to train him for that.  He's just so excited to say hi to everyone and jump all over them, which would be an automatic test failure.  We're shooting to have him take the test in late February.

I go to Full Sail University now where I'm working towards a Bachelor's in Web Design and Development.  I linked to it above so you can look at my degree program if you're interested.  This is also much harder than I thought it would be, but so far I'm learning a lot and can't wait to get a big girl job.  Thanks a lot for the useless degree, OU!  Hopefully soon I'll be reworking this blog with my new found web skills.  I'm pretty lazy though, so let's not count on any time soon.

I started working as a server at the ESPN Club on Disney's Boardwalk.  It's been ok so far.  I'm glad I won't have to be there forever though.

We've got a lot of things going on right now that I'm excited to blog about!  Losing weight, organizing/decorating our apartment, maybe getting a new puppy (!!!) and just trying the enjoy the few hours we have together since Grant works all the time.

That's all I've got for today.  Now that I've started writing again, it's kind of hard to stop!

"When people try to rain on your parade, poke them in the eye with your umbrella" - Author unknown


  1. YAY I'm so glad you're back to blogging! And I hope I can visit you and go to Gaston's pub! I know I should be more excited about the Belle stuff... but I really want to see the pub. haha And that is ADORABLE that you are training for therapy dog! Can't wait to hear much much more!

  2. yay! great update! hahaha a whole year is a lot to recap in a small blog!

    i'm excited to see pictures of the apartment! and i really want to come visit soon too! i miss you so much!

  3. im so excited about kingston being a therapy dog! its super hard to imagine though because he is so crazy. i love that crazy dog! and you!