Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Beginning

So much has happened in my life since my last blog! I finally decided to blog all about it and then, of course, I come to my blog to get started and I see that my background has been removed! WTF?!

I guess that means it's been way too long since I've been here. I love to blog and I don't know why I put it off so much.

Tomorrow night my apartment is having a Mardi Gras! I've very excited about this. Mostly because people from both of my jobs are coming. I've become so close with both groups that I'm glad that there's finally a place for them to get to know each other.

I've decided to utilize a theme from blogger for now, because if I really get in to looking for another background and new header and new font colors and I'm really indecisive and blah blah blah then it'll be another few days before I blog again. And no one wants that...haha

A lot has happened recently that's made me think about my future again. I have decided to stay in Florida for another year. Meaning that I plan to live here until at lease June of 2012. I'm ready for a change at my job right now. I had my fun being an hourly cast member just playing with guests all the time, but now I'm ready for something more. I've been trying to go out and find a "big kid job" lately and so far I'm very optimistic that something will happen before that deadline. If not, then I might be back to Oklahoma. I miss my mom so much. It's very weird. I'm 23 years old and what I get homesick for the most is her. Of course I miss my brothers very much too, but they have their own lives and will go on to do their own things too.

I want to expand my knowledge of the digital world too. I really want to learn Html and inDesign and all those things that are so very confusing to me.

Anyway, I spoke with Travis on the phone today for what may be the last time for 13 months. He's moving to Tokyo tomorrow to be in Entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland. I'm so proud of him. I can't imagine moving to another country where their language is not English. I know he'll do fantastic, but I'm going to miss him a lot. Not only has he become one of my closest friends, but he was my little tie to home. My someone who always knew what I was talking about and who knew my family. I'll also miss him a lot during football season.

So my quote and picture are dedicated to him today.

“Now...bring me that horizon.” - Captain Jack Sparrow, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl"


  1. i want soooo much moooorrree than theeeyve got plaaannned...... great blog background!

    i love you and im super glad youre going to try and start blogging again! it makes me feel closer to you. i cant wait to hear about mardi gras! i hope its filled with crazy fun!

    there isnt anything wrong with missing your mom. if you didnt miss your family i would think that something is wrong. im glad you miss her. and terry and peter. love you!!!!!

  2. Love that you're blogging!!

    I thought I'd let you know that has awe.some CS4/CS5 tutorials...& they're all free online. Also, I know HTML, which is really really easy to learn, but if you are I'd recommend adding Java onto a longer-term goal :).

    I missed my family so much in Oklahoma...only 3 hours away!! That was such a big reason why I moved back to Dallas!! I understand missing family members, but I'm proud of you staying in Florida for this long + another year!!!