Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Epic February

I'm beyond excited for this month. I haven't been this excited in a long long time actually.

On February 14th I'll be going to New Jersey and New York to see my family and Laura!!! Terry and Peter and my mom will all be there. It was an impromptu decision to go, but I think it's going to mostly be awesome! I had the days off because I was going to go see Emily for Mardi Gras, but that was turning out so that I couldn't afford it. I was so looking forward to seeing her too. But I'll see her in April at the very least.

Then! On February 23 I depart for the Great State of Oklahoma! By then it will have been more than 6 months since I've been home. That's an unreal amount of time to me. Sometimes it feels like I've been gone for years, but most of the time it feels like weeks. I don't care what I do in Norman either. Except eat at Tarahumara's. Because Mexican food is awful in Florida! Then on the 25th I'll see Elton John and Billy Joel, which will be magnificent, of course.

The trip home also serves as the last step on my decision to continue living in Florida for at least another year or not. So expect a blog in March detailing my decision. And I'm not going to tell any of you any other way than via this blog!

Also, the Super Bowl is airing a commercial of Harry Potter world!!! And guess what?! The Super Bowl's in February too!

Dan and I have epic sword battles all over the place. And I always defeat him. This particular defeat happened in the Nerf aisle of Walmart. We've had battles in Germany, England and Adventureland. I wonder where our next one will be?!

This quote about sums up my life right now. I think I should make a gigantic poster of it just to remind me at all times.

“Don't let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.” - Unknown


  1. i cant wait to watch harry potterland commercial!!!!

    great quote. i saved it.

  2. it's not a "super"bowl without the jets ;(

  3. that is a great quote. i think almost everyone can apply! and im jeal of all the visiting going on in the good ol US of A for yall this month! Enjoy!

  4. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! I miss you so badly Callie!!

  5. I'm sooooo excited! Feb = awesome.