Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let me just procrastinate a little bit...

So...I'm supposed to be packing up my life.  Which, of course, is not my idea of fun.  I wouldn't enjoy it even if I didn't have enough stuff to fill an entire store.  I just have so much stuff.  And I love all of it.  Which is why I'm having anxiety.  I don't want to get rid of anything!  And I want to take everything with me to Florida!  Even my painting of Sam.  But really, I think I just don't want to leave Norman.  I know I bitch about the city a lot (and seriously, the roads here are probably what the roads in hell are like) but I really do love Norman.  This is the first time I'll be moving back to Edmond since the end of freshman year and it's weird.  I don't want to go!  Good thing I'll just stay with Kirsten so much that she'll want to kill me.  hahaha

On to more wonderful news, I bought a TiVo yesterday!  I have wanted one forever and ever and I finally just used some of my graduation money and got one.  It won't even be here for a week and I can already feel it making my life better.  Don't judge.  You know you love DVR too.  And TiVo is KING of DVR.

This week has been pretty amazing.  I went to a Yankee game and saw them pretty much destroy the Rangers 11-1.  And I've had soo much fun with Laura and Kirsten!  And I really enjoyed Sake/il dolce and the PS that was in town still.  Especially the sake bombs!  Playing cards with Terry and Laura and Brad was pretty great too.  

Well...guess I better get to packing.  Gross.

Here's my lovely quote of the post:

“I was thinking how nothing lasts, and what a shame that is.” - Benjamin Button, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I'll leave you with a picture of my boyfriend.  Who I saw go 5 for 5.  Not on TV, in person. Amazing.

I've just added a new quote for you lovelies:
"I wish you posted another picture of A-Rod, instead of the one we have to stare at all the time on facebook." - Kirsten Boggs after seeing the above picture of A-Rod.

This is for you, freak!


  1. tivo is my favorite dvr too - i love that "bloobloop" noise it makes! and i had so much fun with you - miss yooooou!

  2. yeah, go open a store! haha i dont want it on the floor! im ready to sleep with you!

  3. ooh i like that picture of a-rod. even though he's got some issues. it's all because he left the rangers...

  4. What did that scandalous post say above that was removed by the author?!?!
    Love you Callie and you can stay with me for a couple of seconds if you get bored of your favorite Kirsten.